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Kawandi Hand Quilting Class at The Fabric Chic

We still have spots open in the Kawandi Hand Quilting Class for this Friday, Dec. 8, 10-2!

Join Sherry Whetstone, Fiber Artist and Instructor, as she teaches the art of Kawandi quilting.  Kawandi quilts, created by the East African Siddi women who reside in India, are made by piecing together geometric shapes of repurposed clothing or fabric scraps. Each piece of fabric is bound together with a basic running stitch.  This very unique type of quilting uses the quilt as you go method but with a twist!

To sign up for this class, click here: Kawandi Hand Quilting.  
Supplies Needed:

-Bring fabric scraps such as old clothing or loose weave cotton fabrics from your stash!
-A basic sewing kit that includes white embroidery thread or perle cotton #5 or #8 for stitching is required.
-Thimble - this project is stitched entirely by hand, so a thimble is recommended!

Students will complete a colorful miniture quilt (7"x7") in class.

It's never too late to learn a new sewing skill or expanding your stitching techniques!


Cindy & The Fabric Chic Team