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Priscilla Bianchi Coming to The Fabric Chic March 2024

Wow, the level of excitement I have for sending this email is off the charts.  I am excited to announce that Priscilla Bianchi is coming to The Fabric Chic.  I’ve waited a long time to say that – since January 2019 to be exact.  After Covid and “life” delays and the stars finally aligning, she is coming…HERE…to Parkville, MO…to The Fabric Chic. 

Before I go any further, let me introduce you to Priscilla.

Guatemalan native, Priscilla Bianchi, textile artist, designer, author and international teacher, represents a unique personality in today’s fiber arts world. Her innovative, one-of-a-kind art quilts unite cultures by combining the richness and ethnic appeal of Mayan Guatemalan hand-woven textiles, colors, patterns, textures, and symbolism, with American quilt making techniques, giving life to a myriad of designs that are fresh, original and contemporary with profound Guatemalan roots and identity. Her main inspiration for her geometric abstract work comes from Mayan Guatemalan costumes.

World renowned, Priscilla’s prolific multicultural artwork is exhibited nationally and internationally and has been acquired by the Museum of Arts & Design (MAD) in New York City, the Hyatt Centric Hotel in Guatemala City, and many private collectors. She is invited to teach and lecture about Guatemalan textiles and art quilting around the world, in places like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.  And recently at Madeleine Island and Empty Spools in the United States.  She was also featured on The Quilt Show last year!

Bringing her to Kansas City has been one of my goals since I opened my shop.  And it’s finally happening! 

She will be giving a lecture and teaching a 3-day master class in March 2024.

March 20, 2024 (5:30-7:30) - “How I Took a Leap of Faith and Plunged into Quilting!”

This inspirational slide lecture will appeal to Quilters and non-quilters alike.  In it Priscilla tells her amazing story as a quilt maker.  What motivated her to start quilting and how she was hooked, the difficulties and obstacles she’s had to overcome living in a country without any quilting tradition, community or resources.  Her message is simple:  if, against all odds, she was able to achieve what she has…. anyone can do it! The slides show her sources of inspiration: The Guatemalan textiles and Mayan culture that influence her to create unique Art Quilts, as well as an overview of her body of work. 

With humor, entertaining stories and lots of insight, this lecture is sure to please audiences.

To reserve your spot for this lecture, click here

March 21-23 (10a-4p each day) – Stripe Revolution Master Class

Priscilla uses up to 80% of Guatemalan striped fabric in her own work. When she learned that quilters don’t particularly like or use stripes, it was too much of a challenge to pass by! She presents a fun approach to the subject, demonstrating many different, simple and surprising ways in which stripes can be used most effectively in quilts. Many design options and geometric shapes will be shown for students to choose from and create with. Students will also learn to create their own original patterns and designs.

You’ll discover exciting facts…

  • You do like stripes after all;
  • the visual impact and movement that stripes can create;
  • how versatile stripes can be;
  • how perfection can be your worst enemy;
  • how to interpret and use other directional prints;
  • how to mix-and-match precious fabrics, to give your pieces a unique, ethnic flair.

Her fundamental design process will be covered. Broaden your knowledge of Color, Value, Texture.  Put into practice principles of design like Balance, Movement, Repetition, and Contrast. Be inspired to create designs of your own. We’ll focus on hands-on exercises and experimentation with many different options and design ideas.  

For more information and to register for this class, click the following link:

Like Priscilla, I hope you take a leap of faith and join us for this opportunity to hear and learn from someone from another country and to learn how she incorporates her Mayan Guatemalan culture into American quilt making techniques.

If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Cindy and The Fabric Chic Team


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