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Aurifil Color Builder September

Here we are already in September! The Aurifil Color Builder Thread/FQ's are ready for pickup at the shop! If you are shipping they went out today so be on the lookout! 

For September we head to the golden tones of Sicily. We will be inspired this month with our Aurifil Thread box featuring 3 gorgeous shades of yummy yellow.

Always up for a challenge, you will love how Kate Toney, our designer this month, not only embraced yellow but is now inspired by it. Follow Kate at Tough Kitten Crafts. You are going to love her challenge block. It’s just perfect for a sunny thread box and we hope you have fun making it!

Tell us how you used the Sicily Golds for your block.
Having never been to Italy the only frame of reference I have is through two formative experiences in my life: Watching the Godfather and going to Epcot. Yeah, not the best or most well rounded points of reference

When I was assigned yellow a year ago, I was so annoyed. At the time I hated the color and wasn’t sure how the heck I’d make it work. Yellow. Plumeria? Maybe? Ugh.

2020 is a bizarre year for so many reasons and not least of which, the fact that I somehow fell in love with all shades of yellow. At the beginning of the year I said goodbye to my signature jet black hair in favor of bright yellow highlights and since then I haven’t taken my foot off the gas of my new found love of the bright hue.

But hey, if there was ever a year that needed this bright sunny color then 2020 is the one.


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